dimanche 30 novembre 2014

Return home

After 5 years in Houston, we have now moved back to Brittany and off course, Kerness too! I did not try to go across the pond sailing Kerness! There are many people crossing the ocean with all kind of embarkations, but Kerness is still a small boat!

The container arrived directly at our new home. Kerness is now in our garage and has a friend! The friend is called "Trim". It is a Norwegian pram, built by my father about 20 years ago. It took him some time (years...) to finish Trim, so this is why I write "about"... So now he is proud to be sailing it with the grand sons!

So Trim and Kerness can now sail together in the river in front of our house.

3 commentaires:

  1. Hi. I came across your very helpful blog for Kerness. The kids and I are building the same boat and I was wondering where you bought your sails.

    Many thanks

    -Marcelo Vieira (mccv1@yahoo.com)

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  3. I bought the sails from Ducksworks, link on the left side of this blog. Good luck and enjoy you coble as much as we enjoy ours...