dimanche 1 février 2009

Status tonight

Inside is almost finished. Still a few hours for fileting and fiber glass.
Next week we will finish the bowsprit to make it strong and removable.


Often, I have had questions about tools.

So, that's about all I have... Not the best, not perfect, but enough for what we need...!

Bow sprit 2

We changed our mind for the pillar attachment. Original design is the pillar goes down to the bow. With such design there is no acess to the bowsprit cable attachment point. So we glued with plenty fiber glass a horizontal plank accross the bow and the pillar is resting on that plank.

The deck is now in place and the plank that will hold the mast as well.

Side view, not easy to find the right angle for the bow sprit!

Side bench

Side benches are in place and the supports are glued to the hull.

Nothing difficult there, but requires some time to put in place properly.
We extended a bit those supports compared to the original drawing, in order to gain more strength.