dimanche 24 mai 2009


Finally, I bought the Colorado 400C. Nice, compact and user friendly...

mardi 19 mai 2009

Texas 200

Now that I am registered, now that I have some days off in June, what do I need to take for the Texas 200:
Maps: I bought the Hook-N-Line maps F115 - Lower Laguna Madre, F116 - Upper Laguna Madre and F108 Matagorda Bay. They are waterproof, colored and will cover the area of interest, from Port Mansfield to Magnolia Beach. I am used to wide open Oceans and this looks more like Mussoulou bay in Angola.
GPS: I still need to work on what I need to buy... With map or without map! Portable anyway!
VHF: Arrrfff, it would be better to have one!
Flares: Same, same...
Anchor: Sure, I need one with a piece of chain and some rope.
Compass: My step mother offered me a deck compass. I need a hand one as well.
Binoculars: Probably won't use it much, but can be usefull.
Tent: I don't know if it rains at that time of the year in South Texas... By the way, Hurrican Season starts on June 1st!
Solar cell: I am thinking to buy a small one to charge the VHF and GPS and avoid too many batteries... we will see what I can find.
Clothes: Cotton or synthetic, I do not know, but I need to protect myself from the burning sun.
Food: for one week... simple!
Water: 1 gallon per day, I was told. That is about 25 to 30 liters.
Bags: I will need some watertight bags for the few things I want to keep dry...
Rudder: I need to find a way to attach it, because I won't steer the boat for 8 hours, without the help of a little piece of rope!
Rigging: I have a few modification and re-inforcement to make on the mast. I ordered a bit of material to Chuck, hopefully I will get that on time.
Leak: I have one very small leak in the forward compartment, probably at my bowsprit attachement point. I need to fix that as well!
There are more to think about... I f any one knows where I can find the right material for the right price, let me know...

Lake Livingston - Christening

Lake Livingston State Park is well organized and a good place to camp. The kids love camping and Texas as well!
Perfect conditions on this very nice Texas Lake. For the event, all the friends came and we took every body for a try on the lake.

Picture is from Cecile B.. Thanks

Woodlands lake

Who knew there was a little friendly lake there, in the Woodlands.

Again, the wind was very unstable, from too much to too little.

Lake Bastrop

Again, too much wind to try the boat with the sail. Lake Bastrop is a nice little lake, between Houston and Austin. I will be back there for another try.
We met with the messabout group and held nice chats around Kerness... and talked about our participation to the Texas 200. Why not?