lundi 4 juillet 2011

Afternoon sail

After finding a spot for Lady C. (, I , launched Kerness from the Seabrook Sail club yesterday. The wind was coming from the south, the the club's slips are really exposed. When the wind is coming from the North or West, there is not enough water there and when it is coming from South and East, it is very exposed. I am not sure why the club does not try to protect the area better. In any case, yesterday launching and recovery of Kerness what not easy. No damage though. I was very careful!
The wind started to blow around 2:30 pm. I was done with rigging up Kerness around 4:00 pm. I went south accross the Clear Lake channel, very busy at this time, against the 15 knt wind. I sailed for about 2 hours against the wind, maintaining 3 knots. There are so many pelican fishing and flying around in that area, it was amazing. At half way, about 20 pelicans flying in squadron passed me at full speed, with the wings at about 1/4" from the not so calm surface.
Around 6: pm, it was time to turn around. I could see one fin, from what I believe was a dolphin. Then I sailed downwind along the coast, average 5 to 6 knots, with some surf at 7.2 knots...! The beach is covered with luxury houses that all maintain a nice front yard and off course a boat ramp! I took a look at one smaller offshore artificial port, where boat are all kept out of the water through well designed winch systems. Passing Kemah boardwalk, there was a lot of disorganized waves and that is certainly a place that I will avoid next time! Plus there is plenty loud music and noise. Keep away!

Kerness is really a nice little boat, with great sailing capability and yesterday was really a lovely sailing day!

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