lundi 19 octobre 2009

Seabrook Sailing Club

Last year, before we started the construction of Kerness, we went to visit the sailing club in Seabrook. I found the place very friendly and we decided to go there last Saturday. The weather was perfect, nice wind and temperature, beautifull sun. It was the first time Kerness was in the water since we came back from Britany. We were very busy until now and Kerness needed some care after the Texas 200. During my inspection, I found that the rudder was cracked and had a big dent caused by an unidentified submerged object. I sanded and filled everything and applied one layer of fiberglass with some epoxy on each side of the rudder. I did so on the centerboard, at construction. But for several unexcusable reasons, such as lack of time, didn't do it on the rudder. So what should happen, indeed happened: the centerboard is still in perfect shape and the rudder was cracked. I don't know exactly when, but for sure during the Texas 200. So now, it is repaired. I also sanded slightly the bottom and laid a new coat of black paint. At the Texas 200, several razorblade oyster shells came scratching Kerness hull. Now it is like new again.

So the kids and I went for a little sail at Seabrook. We did very well going north, upwind in the bay. We sailed side by side with a Sunfish, Pol was steering Kerness, following the Sunfish ahead of us. Then Pol wanted to follow a much bigger blue sail boat, I imagine she was around 50 ft. We almost beat her in the calm, but the wind pick up again and we were left behind. Joël was affraid to have Pol steering with the brise coming, so I took back the control bar at this point. At some distance the Sunfish had capsized, so we turned around to see if some assistance was required. Arriving on location, the Sunfish was back up right with the upper portion of her sail covered with sticky mud, that the mast had dragged from the bottom. Both sailors were safely back on board, so we continued our way toward the coast. Then we turned again and headed back to Seabrook, downwind and surfing. The Sunfish was going faster than us in those conditions...

On arrival, Joël took the camera and got a couple pictures...

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