mercredi 15 juillet 2009


This is summer time, time for the Breton familly to go back to our roots in Brittany. When we are not in Houston, we stay here in a quaint traditional little farm at the extrem westernest tip of the old Europe.

My first try at boat building was a tender for our first boat . The boat was replaced last year, but the little tender pram is still in use. This little pram is ideal for oar sculling and the kids started to learn the right movement. Around here, they say that kids learn this just after they start to walk! It is so simple. One can barelly see the oar movement and the boat goes forward gently.

I made my own drawings for this pram, using a freeware: "carene". The constraint I had was to cut the planks in one 8 ft plywood sheet only, because I did not know how to join 2 planks in a scarf at that time. I used exactly the same stitch and glue technic as for KerNess, with the exact same success: quickly built, strong, light and good looking. After about 9 years of careless use, it is still in good condition.

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