dimanche 5 avril 2009


So our first trip was to Hunstville State Park. Little lake about 75 miles North of Houston. Today was probably the second windiest day since we arrive (windiest day being Ike...). So we wanted a well protected area for our first in water test. I like that video on this park :http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/newsmedia/videos/state_park/pineywoods/huntsville.phtml.

In every story, there is a starting point. Ours is at the gas station close to our house.

The park offers a nice little slip way, just close to the picnic tables. That's familly boater friendly!

We started with a little stability test. First of all, my rowlocks are not good. I will need to modify that. They must be pushed backward and raised or pushed outside, now the oars interfer with the outside gunwall.

Any way, after this first experience, We concluded that the boat is very stable and we had no water ingress (it's a boat, the water is supposed to stay outside). Inspite of the wind, I decided to make a trial with the sails.

I reduced the sail area and....


I crossed the lake 3 to 4 times, trying to survive in a highly gusting wind.

After taking on board more water than reasonnable, I went back to the shore.

There was definitely too much wind for us today.
I am very pleased with this boat behavior, very stable and capable of sailing up wind really well.

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