dimanche 28 décembre 2008

After stitches----->Glue

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  1. Many thanks for an interesting journal. I am thinking of building the same boat for use on the etangs of the Languedoc. I live in London, but have a small house near Narbonne.

    Could you advise on the best means to hold the planks together for gluing - I notice you used plastic ties. Did you consider metal ties? Did you epoxy around the ties and then remove them? If the ties were removed, is there a need to prepare the epoxy before "filling in" where the ties were?

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Newton

  2. Hello Peter,

    It is my second construction using the same technic. I try to keep the tie raps profiles as low as possible and glue everything together. When the epoxy is dry, with a sander, I remove the tie raps that are not fully covered by the epoxy filler. Then I cover each inside chine with fiber glass.

    Some of the planks are highly stressed, especially in the bow area. If you remove the tie raps without having the fiber glass in place, the filets will not have enough strength to hold the chine. So I would not recommend to remove the tie raps in highly stressed area before the fiber glass is in place.

    I will make a post with pictures on the subject. Let me know if you need better explanations.


    Yves Nerisson