samedi 13 juin 2009

Kerness at the Texas 200

The group of skippers with our grand guru.

In Port Mansfield, ready to go

On board Kerness, wing to wing in Laguna Madre, between Port Mansfield and the land cut. 6 knots average speed, one surf at 8.8 knots. Not bad for a 12'6" dinghy!

I enjoyed sailing through the land cut. It is comfortable, safe and reminds me my first experiences of sailing and kayaking.

Kerness ready for the night at the first stop, at the end of the land cut.

Kerness ready for the second day, between the land cut and Corpus Christi Yacht Club.

When the wind is not blowing too much, the auto-pilot takes care of the main trajectory. I have only to move my head to starboard side to have the boat going toward port and vice versa.

The chart table, with compass and GPS plotter. This was a very efficient setup.

Kerness moored at Corpus Christi Yacht Club after the second day.

Begining of the 3rd day, leaving CPYC, before the Corpus bridge. Very strong winds, up to 30 knots according to weather forecasts are heading in our direction. This is one of the last pictures I have, my camera decided the conditions where too difficult to work thereafter.

4 commentaires:

  1. Bravo!
    Pour le bateau, le constructeur et l'équipage.

  2. Yves,

    Beautiful boat. I enjoyed watching you sail in and/or out each day of the Texas 200.

    Elsie B

  3. Très joli canot !
    Bravo pour tout, vous devez bien vous régaler aux states.
    Bonne continuation !

  4. Yves,

    It was very nice to have you join the Texas 200 raid, your boat was certainly an joy to watch during the event and your expert handling an inspiration for small boat sailors.

    Stan (Peregrine)